Cosmo Contour and Spa
CEO Nicole King

With over 20 years’ experience as a business owner and entrepreneur, Nicole King has ventured off to create a med-spa that focuses on all things body related. She believes that being transparent and honest is a big part of what makes both her and her business so successful. Founded in 2019, Cosmo Contour and Spa has grown at a high speed in just the span of a year. Cosmo Contour is dedicated to delivering noninvasive pain-free treatments designed to each client with results that show. The innovative and unique treatments and services that Cosmo Contour has to offer bring beauty to the next level of the future. With a business in the heart of Los Angeles it was a must to be ahead of the beauty industry in order to separate Cosmo from the rest. Offering the latest medical grade technology that helps with skin resurfacing, skin tightening, fat reduction, skin toxin release, cellulite reduction and any needs you may have for your body. Cosmo Contour and Spa only uses the latest technology created by Venus Legacy, Vella-Shape, Infrared tools and an Infrared sauna for her clients to wind down in. Bringing a new light to the way people look at contouring was the goal of Cosmo Contour; each client has their own experience and journey to create real and attainable results. Not your typical med-spa, Cosmo Contour has put their own twist on what being pampered and taking care of your body is truly like. Cosmo Contour wanted to be sure that women understand the process is not easy, not quick but it is effective and to be patient and perceptive to the changes within their own body. They focus on creating your image from the inside out because they believe working on your inner self is the first step to any beauty regimen.  With the utmost care and concern for each client, Cosmo has built a community of clients that have created a trust factor within them for all the future plans and goals that Cosmo will continue to grow on. Cosmo Contour and Spa has become the lead in their industry of body contouring and infrared lighting, constantly staying ahead of the newest and latest technology to be sure that they are one step ahead.


Cosmo Contour is a beauty and med spa focusing on the following areas of application: Non-invasive body sculpting & Infrared gym. Our mission is to create the best personalized experience for each client, effectively beginning on a journey that will become a lifestyle.

We want to help restore the body and enhance the areas that our client’s want to perfect using noninvasive techno- logy. Our goal is to continuously provide exceptional service for each client that entrusts their care with our professional team.



Our mission is to enhance the inner confidence of our clients with non-invasive, top of the line, medical-grade technology to help create the best version of themselves from the inside out.

We provide an innovative customized experience in an environment where clients feel comfortable, respected, and appreciated. Our technology is on the cutting edge of body sculpting that we as a team have perfected. We produce results that are real and attainable for any per- son to achieve.


Cosmo Contour plans on rolling out (franchised/licensed) locations with exclusive technology expanding into cities worldwide. We will become the gold standard for med spas and treatments, with equipment and services that far exceed expectations. Our spas will be located in major cities across the country. Additionally, our exclusive infrared equipment will be available in the world’s finest hotels and luxury homes worldwide.